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C2 Technology Group has completed thousands of projects – from military bases to retail store networks, from hospitals and universities to large manufacturing sites. Read more about our design, installation and maintenance experience below.

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USDA fiber backbone

Selected to support USDA Fiber Backbone expansion project, installing backbone fiber for a rural university, including the installation of 4,000 feet of ribbon single-mode fiber optic cable and 4,000 feet of 3" HDPE underground conduit using trenching and directional boring method.

Municipal utility

Installed over 150 security cameras across 7 sites. Provided upgraded hardware for 120 doors. Installed 11,000 feet of 12-strand OM3 fiber optic cable and 2,000 feet of 24-strand OM3 fiber optic cable for a new SCADA system.

Military base

Installed backbone fiber for a large, active air base, including nearly 10,000 feet of outside plant fiber optic cable and a similar volume of outside plant copper cable.

Regional VA hospital

Installed 35,000 feet of 12-strand OM3 multimode fiber optic cable from MDF to 53 telecommunications rooms in active hospital. Included terminating over 1,200 strands of fiber.

Corrections facility

Maintain 750 security cameras and access control for 325 doors across multiple facilities on a service contract, including detention locks for 2 jails with a population of 600.

Federal service academy

Complete network cabling installation for national graduate educational institution, installing over 2,600 Cat6 cables from telecommunications rooms to work area outlets and 2,800 feet of outside plant single-mode fiber optic cable (144-strand and 12-strand). Installed 400 feet of inside plant single-mode 12-strand fiber optic cable. Installed 800 feet of outside plant 100-pair copper cable. This project included complex design requiring MaxCell innerduct, J-hooks, and ladder rack cable pathway systems. Installed network racks, patch panels, vertical management, and PDU’s in telecommunications rooms.

Air traffic control tower

Fiber backbone installation, including 5,600 feet of outside plant single-mode 12-strand fiber optic cable, over 1,600 feet of outside plant single-mode 24-strand fiber optic cable, 1,100 feet of outside plant 72-strand single-mode fiber optic cable. Installed 2,200 feet of outside plant 600-pair Cat3 copper cable. Installed 400 feet of outside plant 400-pair Cat3 copper cable.

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Non-profit professional services

Installed electronic security across 6 sites for nationally known non-profit. Installed over 300 cameras and access control for over 50 doors.

Military equipment manufacturer

Completed network cabling upgrade for active manufacturing plant, including installation of more than 700 Cat6 cables from telecommunications rooms to work area outlets and another 2,400 feet of 24-strand OM3 multimode fiber between telecommunications rooms. To minimize downtime, all cables were installed parallel to existing system and cut over once complete.

Product manufacturer and retailer

Installed all electronic security and network cabling for multiple manufacturing facilities and over 100 associated retail stores across the entire state of Florida. Installations required over 13,000 feet of single-mode fiber optic cable, over 278,000 feet of Cat6 cable, approximately 5,000 cameras and 2,000 doors with access control.

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Private university

Designed and installed campus-wide fiber upgrade for an 84-acre university with 2,000 students. Project included replacement of entire existing fiber backbone with 7,700 feet of 12-strand single-mode fiber and 2,000 feet of 12-strand outside plant fiber optic cable.

Military equipment manufacturer

Designed and installed new network cabling system for leading military educational institution, including over 1,200 Cat6 cables, and over 5,000 feet of cables—including 96-strand outside plant single-mode fiber optic cable, 200-pair inside plant copper cable and Maxcell innerduct.

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